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Tools for Thought collection

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Ask Investigate Share Construct Reflect
Assessing website credibilityAnalyze similarities and differencesActive listeningAnalyze a cartoonActivité napperonAnnotate a time lineDiscussion en UDealing with ambiguity
Consider significanceCause and consequenceAnalyze a math problem and check the solutionAnalyze solutionsCreating a tone in writingAssembling evidenceJustifier les conclusionsEmpathic
Detect propagandaEvidence / reason / conclusionCarnet de notes du journalisteAnalyze the accountDébat à quatre coinsConnecting facts to conclusionsJustifier un choixIndependent mindedness
Evaluate a quotationInferenceClarify a problemAnalyze two accountsImpassioned writingCréer un diagramme à secteursRaising doubtsInquiry-minded
Evidence / reason / conclusionPoint of viewDevelop probing questionsAssessing the evidenceOral rebuttals/counter argumentsDiagrammes de VennReflect on an image
Explore options Explorer une vision du mondeBody talkPersuasive writingExplain the imageReflective writing
Identify leadership qualities Écoute activeClasser les optionsPoser des questions réceptivesFocus on the sensesWrite reflectively in mathematics and science
Inference Imaginer les sensationsCompare versionsResonating voiceImagining design possibilities through shapes
Point of view Imagining through the 5W questionsComparer les différencesResponsive questioningImagining through a superhero's powers
Rate individual significance Interviewing techniquesConsidérer les optionsSpeaking notesImagining through design components
Rate the decision Research questionsContrôler l’avancement d’un processus de résolution de problèmesVivid imagesImagining through exaggeration
Recognizing persuasion State the problemCredibility of sourcesWriter's voiceImpact timeline
Relevant sources Uncover the issuesDécoder les images Implicit messages in images
Responding in the moment Examiner les options Interpreting electronic messages
Visualize a math problem Évaluer les éléments de preuve Organizing supporting details
Évaluer l’explication Paraphraser les résultats d’une recherche
Facteurs positifs et négatifs Paraphrasing research
Finding another perspective Rassembler des éléments de preuve
Imagining "what if?" Recherche d’information
Imagining by drawing analogies Rédiger avec la stratégie “RFAPS” (RAFTS)
Imagining through the senses Storyboards
Inside someone's head
Interpreting symbols
Lire des cartes
Monitor problem-solving progress
Organize information in a table
Read around the document
Relevant details
Remettre un bulletin
Réseau des conséquences

I particularly enjoy the critical thinking challenges that invite high level thinking for different types of learners - many of these activities, such as the Tools for Thought lessons, can be used for our high needs secondary students who may not always be given the opportunity to think critically. Very valuable!

English and Literacy teacher, Windsor ON

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