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About Picture Sets

Picture Sets is a searchable collection of carefully selected sets of drawings, photographs and paintings. The sets can be used:

  • as information sources, obtained in a critically thoughtful way, about topics in social studies
    and science.
  • as a context for developing critical thinking tools that are particularly useful with visual stimulation and also applicable generally.

View sample picture sets and supporting resources for:

  • Using Picture Sets: general suggestions to support inquiry teaching using visual sources.
  • Topics: lists of broad areas of study that contain many sets of images dealing with more specific themes within each topic.

  • Individual Picture Sets each contain four elements:

    • Overview of the set: summary description, thumbnail images, annotations, pdf and PowerPoint versions of the image set
    • Image viewer: options to select, enlarge, navigate, or save images
    • Student tasks: suggested critical thinking tasks that can be addressed with the information contained in the designated set of images
    • Teacher notes: instructions and support materials that include teacher resources, student handouts and background information for teachers


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