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  • ISBN: 978-0-86491-317-3
  • Pages: 145
  • Publication year: 2016
  • Overview of resource
  • Sample lesson/chapter
  • Flyer
  • Special themes

    Historical and geographical thinking

  • Format


  • Type of resource

    Professional resources

  • Audience


  • Subject area

    Social studies

  • Targeted grade range

    Middle (7-9)
    Senior (10-12)
    Intermediate (4-6)

  • Language


Teaching Geographical Thinking (Revised and expanded edition)

Author(s): Bob Sharpe, Kamilla Bahbahani, Niem Tu Huynh
Publisher(s): Co-published by The Critical Thinking Consortium and The Royal Canadian Geographical Society


Engage students in geographical thinking through critical inquiry using a solid framework of interrelated concepts, examples, questions and criteria.

Also available in French: Enseigner la pensée géographique
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It is a splendid and significant piece of work that shows why geographical education is important. While there are several good methodological texts for B.Ed programs, I know of none that match this book in clarity, comprehensiveness and interrelatedness, intelligent rigour, and depth. The six portals are spot on, very clear, and great organizers for the content. The book will contribute greatly to sound and exciting teaching of geography.

—Instructor, Mount Allison University