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  • ISBN: 9780864913593
  • Pages: 108
  • Publication year: 2015
  • Overview of resource
  • Sample lesson/chapter
  • Flyer
  • Format


  • Type of resource


  • Audience


  • Special themes

    Identity and character

  • Subject area

    English / Language arts

  • Targeted grade range

    Intermediate (4-6)
    Middle (7-9)

  • Series

    Habits of Effective Thinkers

  • Language


Developing Independent-Mindedness: Stargirl novel study

Author(s): Bianca Lavorata, Stefanie Pouwels
Publisher(s): The Critical Thinking Consortium

Regular Price: $27.95
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Use the critical thinking challenges in this novel study to help students explore the habit of mind of independent-mindedness and to nurture a sense of personal identity in the face of social pressure.

This book makes you think. Are you really being yourself? Or are you hiding your personality to be a person you are not?

It [the novel study] changed the way I think during any situation. I also realized that before, most of the decisions I made were non-independent minded. Now I feel more confident and independent-minded.

I think that collaborative thinking is a more powerful learning experience than answering a series of comprehension questions. The reason I think this is because you can hear the other ideas of classmates and that could change your opinion completely.