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  • ISBN: 978-0-86491-379-1
  • Pages: 264
  • Publication year: 2015
  • Overview of resource
  • Sample lesson/chapter
  • Published reviews
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  • Format


  • Audience

    Educational leaders/instructors

  • Type of resource

    Professional resources

  • Subject area


  • Targeted grade range

    Primary (K-3)
    Intermediate (4-6)
    Middle (7-9)
    Senior (10-12)

  • Language


Creating Thinking Classrooms

Author(s): Garfield Gini-Newman, Roland Case
Publisher(s): The Critical Thinking Consortium


Navigate the opportunities and challenges of current reform initiatives by focusing on three important shifts: reorienting to a thinking classroom; attending to enriched goals; and aligning practices with key principles of 21st century learning.

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Please note: Corwin has published a U.S. version of this book. If you are a Canadian educator, please purchase this Canadian edition published by The Critical Thinking Consortium.

"Education is becoming ever more complex. Here is a book that takes this complexity and, while not oversimplifying the demands, provides a coherent approach to responding to these demands, and in an inspiring way."

—Kandace Jordan, Deputy Superintendent, Golden Hills School Division, Alberta

"Educational reform is indeed daunting. As teachers and leaders strive to create more powerful learning for students, they will find many ideas and tools in this book to encourage and support their challenging work."

—Carol Rolheiser, Professor, Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (OISE), University of Toronto

"Creating thinking classrooms identifies the key contradictions and paradoxes and offers clear directions and a comprehensive road map to bring about meaningful change in schools to meet the demands of the 21st century 'renovation.' Gini-Newman and Case offer a coherent response to the demands facing teachers and administrators and provide sound and timely advice, in a cogent and persuasive manner."

—Dr. Avis Glaze, Edu-quest International Inc., Former Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario

Ministry approvals

This title is Ministry approved for use in the following subjects, grade levels and provinces. Links provide curricular connections where available: Social Studies: 1-7 (British Columbia)