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Stories from the Classroom

Enjoy stories written by teachers and video clips about using critical thinking in classrooms. Then consider contributing a story of your own!

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 Sample articles

Opportunity knocks! An engaging math discussion

by Kendra Preston-Brooks
Barrhaven Public School, Ottawa, Ontario

Kendra explains how she made the most of an unexpected opportunity to promote critical thinking in her classroom. Download the article

The power of sustained professional learning

by Warren Woytuck
TC² Facilitator

This article provides an insight to Warren Woytuck’s experience observing teachers work with critical thinking in the classroom. Download the article

Powering up to critical thinking

by the staff
École Meridian Heights School
, Stony Plain, Alberta

Staff at École Meridian Heights School discuss promising strategies to power up critical thinking in your own school. Download the article

Stories from the Classroom collection

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  • Primary classroom example of investigating pictures (Video)
  • Critical thinking in kindergarten
  • Opportunity knocks! An engaging math discussion
  • The popcorn project: Service learning meets critical thinking
  • Our hidden heroes are super heroes (Video)
  • Our secret mission (Video)
  • Our school-wide program made a difference (Video)
  • An experience to share
  • Transformed teaching
  • Heritage fairs – Interview with Romy Cooper
  • The spirit of inquiry
  • How do we measure up?
  • Experiencing the power of positive comments (Video)
  • Engaging with the War of 1812
  • With the help of a crocodile
  • Canadian history comes alive through inquiry and technology
  • The power of critical thinking
  • Telling the story of a graph
  • Gingerbread math: A sticky investigation
  • Let's do lunch: A critical, creative and collaborative process
  • Adding value to the university classroom experience
  • Taking critical thinking "below the wings"
Professional learning
  • The power of sustained professional learning
  • Our journey into critical thinking
  • Powering up to critical thinking
  • A school of critical thinkers