Alberta Inquiry-pacs: What’s special
Inquiry–pacs have four distinctive features.

Embedded critical thinking
Inquiry-pacs offer a critical thinking approach to the teaching of subject matter. Students learn the curriculum content and deepen their understanding as they engage in critical thinking tasks.

Self-contained content
Inquiry-pacs require very few materials beyond the documents and links provided. At the click of a button, teachers have all the ready-to-use lessons, activity sheets and presentation slides they need.

"Living document" flexibility
Inquiry-pacs are designed to evolve as time progresses and situations dictate. The following features illustrate this flexibility:
  • The agenda page in each digital lesson allows teachers to insert or delete material and reorder the sequence of lesson activities.
  • All of the documents can be changed to suit a teacher’s own style. Student work can be scanned into the lessons for display or saved as exemplars for future use.
  • Additional resources and documents can be added using links and/or attachments.
  • Annual upgrades provided by TC² will refresh dormant links, enhance navigation, enrich learning activities and update information.

Encouragement of interactive learning
The use of SMART (.notebook) technology encourages students to share ideas on an ongoing basis.
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