Alberta Inquiry-pacs: What’s included
Inquiry–pacs have four components.
Lesson overview
This document for teachers summarizes each lesson, lists outcomes and provides ideas for teaching including differentiating instruction and assessing student learning. Each overview also outlines required materials and suggests complementary resources and textbook references.
Digital lesson
Each digital lesson, based in SMART (.notebook) software, guides teachers and students through the course material in an interactive and critically thoughtful manner. All the instructions and resources required for each lesson are clearly identified and easily accessed.
Student booklet
A student booklet of activity sheets complements each lesson. The booklets provide a place where students can record ideas and make notes as they explore concepts, develop skills and demonstrate understanding. The activity sheets can be reproduced or transmitted to students for digital use.
Course synopsis
A synopsis lists the sets of lessons and assessments for each course, provides the estimated duration of each lesson, the topics covered and resources that complement the course.
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