Alberta Inquiry-pacs: How to use

If you have any questions about accessing the collection or downloading a file, contact Kara.

The SMART (.notebook) materials drive the use of Inquiry-pacs. These digital lessons have three main types of pages.
Table of contents page
Each digital lesson contains a table of contents that provides a central menu from which all the main topics of the lesson can be accessed. The page also includes links to:
  • outcomes addressed in the lesson
  • a "How to use this digital lesson" quick reference page
  • Related Issues from the program of studies
  • the Learn Alberta critical challenge upon which the lesson was based (if applicable)
Agenda pages
Each lesson topic has an agenda page listing the activities for that topic. The topic is shown in the white title bar. Each activity item links to a page in the digital lesson. Simply click on the box at the left side of the activity to reach the activity page. When the chosen activities of one topic have been completed, the user returns to the table of contents page to locate the agenda page for the next topic.
Activity pages
Activity pages provide sequenced activities for students. Brief directions are provided in student-friendly language at the top of each page and throughout the page where appropriate. Icons indicate whether the activity involves individual written work, small group discussion or whole class involvement. Where relevant, students work with pages in the student booklet that support the activity. Most activity pages are reached directly from a link on an agenda page. When an activity is completed, the user returns to the agenda page by clicking a button at bottom or top right of the page.
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