Ontario Inquiry-pacs: What’s special?
Inquiry-pacs are all-inclusive online resources that provide exceptional support for inquiry-based teaching and learning. The Ontario series addresses the new provincial social studies, history and geography curricula with ready-to-use materials that infuse everyday instruction with core practices of 21st century learning. Inquiry-pacs provide teachers with lesson presentation slides, student activity and briefing sheets, detailed teaching notes, assessment support and professional learning resources. All materials are easily accessed online through the TC² website.
Each unit in the Ontario Inquiry-pacs series is designed on the Cascading Curriculum model, an approach that engages students in a progression of thought-provoking lessons, all connected to an overarching inquiry question and critical thinking challenge. Throughout the inquiry process, students gather information, deepen their understanding, revisit initial ideas and share their evolving thinking through conversations, class discussions, lesson responses and reflections in their personal Thoughtbooks.
Inquiry-pacs seamlessly embed key teaching and learning practices, including:
  • continuous inquiry
  • critical, creative and collaborative thinking
  • major concepts of social studies, historical and geographical thinking
  • digital enhancement of lessons
  • development of student self-regulation and thinking tools
  • student engagement
  • literacy development
  • cross-curricular integration
  • differentiation
  • assessment for learning
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