Ontario Inquiry-pacs: How to use
Inquiry-pacs support inquiry-based teaching and learning with all-inclusive resources designed for flexible implementation. Most lesson materials are provided in editable formats that enable teachers to make adaptations to fit the needs of their particular students. Teachers can also choose multiple entry points to take advantage of these instructional materials in ways that best suit their classes. Three main options are outlined below.
1. Use the entire package as provided.
Inquiry-pacs provide ready-to-use and easily accessed materials that include:
  • lesson presentation slides
  • student activity sheets
  • background briefing sheets
  • detailed teaching notes
Teachers who choose this option have everything they require to start and sustain a complete unit of focused, on-going student inquiry following the Cascading Curriculum approach.
2. Use the framework of Inquiry-pacs lessons with your own content.
This resource provides carefully designed lessons that use critical thinking challenges to engage students in deep learning of content. Teachers can use the structure of the Cascading Curriculum lessons and critical challenges while inserting their own content. For example, in a lesson that invites students to select an effective citizen action on a particular issue, teachers can replace provided examples with local initiatives and news items.
3. Use your own framework with content from the Inquiry-pacs unit.
Teachers who are familiar with critical inquiry may have developed instructional strategies that work well with their students. With this option, teachers can draw on the Inquiry-pacs content (background briefs on particular topics, presentation slide materials, activity sheets, images, primary documents, and so on) to support their students’ inquiry-based learning.
4. Accessing and downloading materials.

Please watch this 2-minute video that explains how to access and download the materials. (2:17 minutes)

If you have any questions about accessing the collection or downloading a file, contact Kara.

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