Purchasing and accessing Inquiry-pacs

1. My school/school board is a Partner organization, but I can’t seem to access the unit materials.
2. I tried to access a lesson and a pop-up window appeared asking me for a code. What is my code?
3. Why doesn’t my code work?
4. What is the cost of a school license?
5. I can’t find a unit I want to purchase in the Online shop.
6. Why do we release partial units?
7. I do not use the Ontario curricula or teach Alberta Social Studies 10 or 20: am I still able to purchase Inquiry-pacs?
8. I only need access to a unit for a few months. Can I get a cheaper license for that period only?
9. Why should I renew my license?
10. I’d like to cancel my license. Can I get a refund or credit?
11. How do I access and download the materials for Ontario after I have purchased a license or entered a code from my school or district?

Using Inquiry-pacs

1. How long will I have access to a unit?
2. May I share my access to the unit(s) with another teacher with whom I work? Can my school purchase one set of units and share the login and access with several teachers?
3. I’d like to use, embed or adapt a lesson for purposes other than my own classroom use. Do I need permission?
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