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About the resource

The work of Truth and Reconciliation can be challenging because it requires thoughtful and meaningful action, but also because it can challenge educators on the inside—our emotions, our assumptions, and our beliefs about what we know and don’t know. In collaboration with The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation, TC² created a reflection guide for educators intended to help with that work and to provide prompts, ideas and resources (for both educators and families) to extend the work of one day throughout the entire year.

Supporting Your Learning All Year Long

Beyond the resources found in this guide, TC² will be working with The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation to develop monthly prompts containing further learning opportunities with associated book recommendations to support and extend the work of Truth and Reconciliation in your classroom. These monthly prompts will be posted between October 2023 to June 2024 via email and the TC² website, as well as The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation's website, social media channels, and newsletters. We welcome all feedback on this initial reflection guide and the additional prompts: please feel free to keep in touch with us at The Critical Thinking Consortium or Indigo Love of Reading as you embark on your learning journey through these suggested resources.