Ready-to-post student materials
Tips for teachers
Ready-to-share parent materials
Ready-to-post student materials
Tips for teachers
Ready-to-share parent materials
Message from Usha James

Are you interested in developing new resources or adapting our existing resources to support online learning in your school or district?

Here is how we can help:

  • Create new resources for online learning: TC² would embrace the opportunity to partner with you to create new resources that you identify as necessary for your online learning strategy.
  • Adapt our existing resources: If you have a request for lessons that you’d like to see converted to direct-to-student, ready-to-post materials, please let us know! Our existing collections include: Tools For Thought, Critical Challenges, History Docs, Picture Sets, print publications, or other parts of our website.
  • French language support is available for the development of learning resources.
Please contact Usha James or Andy Nesbitt to let us know how we can support you.

Tips for Teachers

We understand that teaching and learning online presents both opportunities and challenges. Below we share some ideas and strategies that might be helpful for you. We know many of you have experience and expertise in online environments and there are many wonderful resources out there to support educators. Our resources below are specifically focused on how to ensure online discussions, lessons, and other learning opportunities to nurture high quality thinking for all learners.

We will be adding to this collection regularly so please check back often. If you are interested in having us develop particular new resources or adapt existing ones, please contact us (see information above).

PDF documentGuides to Student Success: A learner centred alternative to traditional rubrics
Word documentStructuring rich online discussion: An asynchronous U-shaped discussion
PDF documentDigitally enhanced learning—infographic (Funded by Renfrew District School Board)
PDF documentPowerful Instruction and Powerful Assessment—article (Funded by Renfrew District School Board)

Designing Meaningful Online Assessment

Seizing the Opportunities and Meeting the Challenges of Online Assessment

Assessing student learning in an online context brings with it both opportunities and challenges. While online assessments allow for both asynchronous and synchronous use and for easier use of various mediums within the assessment, the ability to ensure the reliability and validity of assessments can be difficult. There are also significant equity issues related to assessment that arise as a result of online learning environments that need to be thoughtfully addressed. Funded by the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (CECCE) in Ontario, this set of 12 Tip Sheets provides practical tips for teachers on how to adapt, develop, and refine assessments so that they are meaningful in online environments.

ZIP fileDownload the entire set
PDF documentOverview—Designing Meaningful Online Assessment
PDF document1. Adapting Tests
ZIP file2. Adapting Essays, Debates, Reports/Summaries, and Presentations
PDF document3. Assessments for Applying Learning in Authentic Contexts
ZIP file4. Graphic Organizers as Assessments Tools—Concept Maps and Concept Tracking
ZIP file5. Graphic Organizers as Assessments Tools—Frayer Models
ZIP file6. Graphic Organizers as Assessments Tools—Euler Diagrams and Venn Diagrams
ZIP file7. Graphic Organizers as Assessments Tools—Fishbones and Thinking Maps
PDF document8. Gathering Assessment Evidence Through Learning Launches
ZIP file9. Gathering Assessment Evidence Through Digital Thoughtbooks

(Includes a sample Thoughtbook that uses our affirm/refine/aspire framework, created and generously shared by Tanya Andersen, Milton District High School.)

ZIP file10. Gathering Assessment Evidence Through Guides to Student Success
PDF document11. Gathering Assessment Evidence Through Student Self-Assessment
ZIP file12. Ensuring Reliability