Great Canadian Political Cartoons 1820 to 1914

The cartoons in this collection trace Canada’s political, economic and social evolution from 1820 up to the outbreak of World War I. They cover many topics from colonialism and growing independence to immigration, regionalism, trade and foreign affairs. Many historical and political figures are depicted.

Great Canadian Political Cartoons, 1946 to 1982

The postwar years were a golden age of political cartooning in Canada. In this collection some of the best cartoonists in the country present an inclusive view of Canadian history from the Gouzenko affair and the early years of the Cold War to the patriation of the Constitution and the adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Along the way they deal with such matters as aboriginal affairs, feminism, human rights, labour, multiculturalism, nationalism, regionalism and separatism, and with the ever-present challenge of dealing with Uncle Sam.

The Art of Decoding Political Cartoons: A Teacher's Guide

Designed to accompany the collections of Canadian political cartoons, this guide explains how to incorporate these primary historical sources into social studies and history programs. It contains detailed instructions on teaching the critical thinking skills students need to appreciate and understand cartoons, and describes the visual and literary devices used.