Online supplement

Online supplement

Social Responsibility: Grades 7/8

This online collection of resources complements the print teacher’s guide, Social Responsibility: Grades 7/8.

General support

Teacher video: Experiencing the power of positive comments

A grade 6/7 teacher and her students from Cedar Middle School reflect on the feelings and lessons learned from a hidden heroes’ activity that teaches about the effects of making positive and negative comments about others. (3:45 minutes)

Student video: ImagineAction 5-8

Working with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, TC² has developed English and French versions of a video for youth in grades 5-8 that offers inspirational examples of social action undertaken by youth at this age. (3:16 minutes)

5-8 Social Action Projects: Making a Difference 5-8

Working with the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, TC² has developed a bilingual booklet outlining a framework for social action targeted for youth in grades 5-8. The booklet provides a thumbnail summary of the steps for preparing students to thoughtfully plan and implement a social action project.

Additional hidden hero stories

At the back of the teacher’s guide are print copies of 20 additional stories of hidden heroes suitable for grade 7/8 students. Below are video versions of these stories intended for student viewing. The teacher’s guide contains ideas for using these videos.

Crystal Carson

(3:28 minutes)

Lindy Edgett

(3:27 minutes)

Colton Ferland

(3:09 minutes)

Nancy and Clark

(3:12 minutes)

Grade 10
Literacy #1

(3:37 minutes)

Grade 10
Literacy #2

(3:07 minutes)

Grade 10
Bake Sale

(3:24 minutes)

Constance Hansey

(3:14 minutes)

Hero Holiday

(3:10 minutes)

Bill Hicks

(3:32 minutes)

Kevin Hicks

(3:31 minutes)

Hidden Heroes

(3:27 minutes)

Justin Smith

(3:12 minutes)

Maritza Liceac

(3:29 minutes)

Bill and Val Lucas

(3:24 minutes)

Gabriel McPhee

(3:08 minutes)

Gabriel and
Morgan McPhee

(3:10 minutes)

Gabriel McPhee
in Chemainus

(3:35 minutes)

Robert Boudreay

(3:18 minutes)

Davina Neave

(3:31 minutes)

Heather Porteous

(2:36 minutes)

Paddy Tillotson

(3:04 minutes)

Spencer Schactel

(2:57 minutes)

Sydney Robertson

(1:54 minutes)