Online supplement

Online supplement

Exemplars in Geographical Thinking

This online collection of resources complements the print publication, Exemplars in Geographical Thinking.

Lesson-specific resources

The following resources support specific lessons in the print publication.

A. What’s hidden in a map?

Maps of Toronto

Mystery map A

Mystery map B

Mystery map C

D. Where’s the pattern?

Chloropleth maps

World population density

Renewable freshwater resources

Life expectancy at birth: partial version

Life expectancy at birth: full version

Estimated deaths from AIDS

Antiretroviral therapy coverage

E. What's Canada's greatest natural disaster?

Natural disaster images


Natural disaster briefing sheets

Briefing sheet 1 | Comparing disasters: Chile vs. Haiti

Briefing sheet 2 | Earthquake - Vancouver Island (1946)

Briefing sheet 3 | Tornado - Barrie, Ontario (1985)

Briefing sheet 4 | Hurricane Hazel - Central Ontario (1954)

Briefing sheet 5 | Ice storm - Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick (1998)

Briefing sheet 6 | Red River flood - Manitoba (1979)

Briefing sheet 7 | Tsunami - British Columbia (1964)

F. Which image captures the place?

Images of a student's bedroom

G. To burn or not to burn?

Maps of Pukaskwa National Park

Northern Ontario field unit

Stakeholders, Pukaskwa National Park

Major Tree Species, Pukaskwa National Park

Wildfire locations, Pukaskwa National Park