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Instructors in faculties of education can make thinking an even more important focus of their teaching with TC² resources and support. Our print and online resources offer accessible ways to introduce prospective teachers to the theory and practice of thinking classrooms. Here are various options to consider.

Adopt one of our highly acclaimed resources as a core or supplemental text

For more than twenty years, teacher educators have used our resources with their students. Below are four popular choices. Contact us for a complimentary review copy for instructors who are considering class adoption of one of our resources.

Creating Thinking Classrooms

This best selling book supports teachers and educational leaders in navigating the diverse opportunities and challenges of current reform initiatives. Leading educational change for a 21st century world involves (1) reorienting foundational beliefs about teaching and learning from the mindset of a discovery or didactic classroom to that of a thinking classroom; (2) redirecting efforts towards more enriched versions of traditional educational goals; and (3) aligning teaching practices with powerful principles of learning.

The Anthology of Social Studies

These highly popular books—one intended for elementary teachers, the other for secondary teachers—have been widely used in teacher education programs across Canada. Each offers a collection of articles by leading experts in social studies and history education explaining key issues and providing practical strategies for teacher candidates to use in their teaching.

Teaching Historical Thinking

This publication focuses on six interrelated concepts central to students' ability to think about history. These core concepts are: historical significance, evidence and interpretation, continuity and change, cause and consequence, historical perspective, and ethical judgment. The resource discusses the nature and importance of each concept and explains how to introduce the concepts and apply them throughout any history or social studies curriculum.

Simply Read!

This book is intended to support teachers and parents working with children who are just beginning to read or who are discouraged readers. A special section is devoted to helping adolescent non-readers. The strategies are helpful in guiding children in a natural way to reading success.

Use one of our free lessons, videos or readings

We offer many resources free on our website, including examples for every one of our print and online professional and teaching resources. Simply go to any collection and look for the free downloads. Below are six resources that your students may find particularly engaging and useful.

Explain the image

This Tools for Thought lesson plan, also available in interactive whiteboard formats, teaches students what clues to look for when interpreting images.

Asking powerful questions

This Critical Challenges lesson plan teaches student various “tools” they might use to formulate powerful questions to ask a classroom guest.

The unfortunate consequences of Bloom’s taxonomy

Roland Case argues in this Critical Discussions article that Bloom's taxonomy is arguably one of the most destructive theories in education. He discusses three major flaws in the way the taxonomy has been applied and suggests a better way forward.

The spirit of inquiry

In this Stories from the Classroom piece, Roland Case remembers sitting in on a grade four class as students were engaged in a discussion to determine the quality of life of First Nations people prior to European contact.

Thinking about history

Thinking about history

These short videos, with accompanying lesson plans targeted to varying grade ranges, explore the meaning, rationale and key dimensions of six historical thinking concepts: historical significance, evidence and interpretation, continuity and change, cause and consequences, historical perspective, and ethical judgment.

Thinking historically with source documents

This six-page reference guide identifies freely available video, print and online resources on historical thinking and provides sources of historical documents and images.

Encourage your students to become Individual Members

A special rate of $20 per year allows teacher candidates to access thousands of professional and teaching resources. Invite your students to consider the benefits of becoming an Individual Member. Better yet, make Individual membership a course requirement and use it as an inexpensive way to assemble course materials from a hundred professional readings and videos on our site and from several hundred lesson plans available free to Individual Members.