New to the TC² approach
Extending the workshop
Making use of your membership
Materials from specific sessions
New to the TC² approach
Extending the workshop
Making use of your membership
Materials from specific sessions

Teachers in all grades and subjects can make thinking an even more important focus of their teaching with TC² resources and support. Learn more about our website and the resources available to educators who are just beginning their experience with our approach.

Use any of our free lessons

We offer many resources free on our website, including examples from every one of our print and online professional and teaching resources. Search our print resources in the Online shop and look for sample lessons to download. Access free materials in our online Lesson, unit and course resources by clicking the “free” lessons in each collection. Below are some lessons plans that you may want to look at or, better yet, try out in your class.

Explain the image

This Tools for Thought lesson plan, also available in interactive whiteboard formats, teaches students what clues to look for when interpreting images.

Powerful questions

This Critical Challenges lesson plan teaches students various “tools” they might use to formulate powerful questions to ask a classroom guest.

Thoughtful Books

Thoughtful Books

These free lesson plans draw upon exemplary children’s literature to support primary students' literacy development and encourage thoughtful deliberation of ethical questions.

Learn more about our approach

The use of any of our lessons in your teaching will make more sense and be more successful if you understand what is unique about our critical inquiry approach to teaching. Here are a few of our video and text resources to explain the key features.

Understanding critical thinking

This video presents the core features of TC²'s definition of critical thinking. It explains critical thinking as ongoing, mindful assessment of ideas and actions in light of conscious consideration of relevant criteria. (4:32 minutes)

Getting started with critical thinking

This video is #8 of a 12-part series. In this section, Garfield Gini-Newman discusses how teachers can start their work with critical thinking in different ways. (1:52 minutes)

The three Cs

Garfield Gini-Newman discusses critical, creative and collaborative thinking with the host of CTV’s Ottawa Morning Live. (5:23 minutes)

Introduction to the TC² conception of critical thinking

In this Critical Discussions article, Roland Case and LeRoi Daniels, co-founders of the Consortium, explain that critical thinking involves making reasoned judgments in problematic situations.

The spirit of inquiry

In this Stories from the Classroom piece, Roland Case remembers sitting in on a grade four class as students were engaged in a discussion to determine the quality of life of First Nations people prior to European contact.

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