The 'comet' model
‘3C’ support
Evidence of impact
The 'comet' model
‘3C’ support
Evidence of impact

Our sustained and complete approach to professional learning is highly regarded and proven effective. Our facilitators have worked with over 160,000 educators worldwide to provide exemplary professional learning support in face-to-face and online sessions and through more comprehensive partner-developed and certificate programs. Below is a sampling of the critical acclaim for our work.

Face-to-face sessions

People are so on fire after this morning and they want you to come again this summer. We [are preparing] critical challenges with criteria for each grade K through 7. You have converts!

Principal, Elementary school, Surrey, BC

[The workshop] allowed me to explore critical thinking on a deeper level and I now feel more confident in applying it to my current practice.

Secondary science teacher, Grande Prairie, Alberta

I want to give an immediate and huge thank you for the workshop. The staff raved about it: it was exactly the right thing for them. They are still talking about it.

Principal, International Baccalaureate school, Vancouver

I feel pretty lucky to have attended such an amazing conference during my practice teaching! The group exercises really had our group talking and thinking! Thank you very much.

Student teacher, University of Toronto

I have been to many critical thinking sessions. This was the most concrete and I feel like I could put it to use.

Secondary science teacher, Grande Prairie, Alberta

It’s funny how after 36 years of teaching I finally found a presenter who actually spoke to me and to what I believe about learning. You are a brilliant presenter who makes all participants feel that they have important ideas to share. Your broad use of multiple strategies serves as a reminder for all of us. Most of all you reminded me of how much we can see if we really look.

Consultant, Edmonton Public Schools

It was fabulous. Absolutely fabulous ... insights and advice were excellent ... presentation was great ... straightforward and genuine.

Middle school teacher, Bethesda, Maryland

Thank you for another fabulous PD opportunity and for looking after us so well. This continues to be an exciting opportunity. My students will appreciate the creative ideas.

Primary teacher, Edmonton

A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking workshop.

Elementary teacher, Surrey, British Columbia

Online sessions

I can't imagine not using this model now, given that it saved us money and provided a superior experience....How many PD opportunities can you have come right to your door for 60 minutes at exactly the time you want with a facilitator who customizes the presentation to your needs for [the price you charge].

Principal, Spruce Grove, Alberta

We were able to arrange for sessions just for our school and better yet, we were able to arrange for the sesions on the date and time we needed. This was exceptional service.

Principal, Sturgeon School District, Alberta

Partner-developed programs

A great job...the critical thinking focus actually fits with our board’s objectives and is not just an add-on! It is a foundation on which everything else has to be built.

Area superintendent, Mississauga ON

Your PD and support was tailored to our needs. It wasn’t a “cookie-cutter” approach.

Principal, Georgetown ON

You offer a wide range of relevant educator topics that can be integrated and focused on student learning. Relevant presentations, stimulating, challenging and practical learning for teachers.

Principal, Mississauga ON

The program] changed our whole perspective on teaching. I am beginning to enjoy teaching all over again.

Primary teacher, Chandigarh, India

The last two years working on this project [have] truly been the most effective PD I have ever been involved with. The TC² model of implementing critical thinking for even the very youngest students is understandable, do-able and inspirational! It's become a way of life for me as a teacher and I'm very grateful for all the work you all do.

Primary teacher, Southern Alberta

Just wanted to say thank you for five great days. I am very suspicious of PD because of past failings, but I have to say that the five days with you were the most productive PD I have done in 20 years. Thanks!

Senior high department head, Cold Lake, Alberta

I would like to discuss with you in the fall the possibility of having you work with our Grade 6 teachers using the same model. Never have I had so much positive feedback about a [program].

Director of instructional services, Northern Alberta

The energy of the group members, presenters and facilitators was dynamic. It was wonderful mingling with these individuals. Thank you for stimulating my thoughts and motivating me to re-assess the units I am teaching from a new angle.

Summer institute participant, Branksome Hall, Toronto

Certificate programs

The CICI program was instrumental in helping me pull all the pieces together--instruction, assessment, curriculum, critical thinking, and inquiry. The structure of the program was such that I could easily apply the learning directly into my work as a teacher and instructional leader, and allowed for opportunities to continuously refine that work to reflect my increased knowledge and understanding. Overall, I walked away a much better teacher, leader and learner.

Vice-principal, Saskatchewan

The Coaching in Critical Inquiry course has helped me become a better instructor, assessor, colleague and coach. Networking with western Canadian educators has opened my eyes to new initiatives, teaching strategies and coaching methods. TC²'s critical thinking model has molded me into a teacher who now creates a community of thinkers in my classroom. The biggest visible change in my students is their thoughtful look after I pose a question or series of questions. I can almost see their gears turning!

Secondary teacher, Saskatchewan

This class provided tools that I will utilize to develop students' critical thinking...the students are motivated to learn because they learn through problem solving and challenges.

Literacy coach, Ontario

I thoroughly enjoyed the Coaching in Critical Inquiry program. Most impressive for me was the way in which the skills and attributes of critical inquiry were modeled during the sessions. I learned a lot not only from the course material but also from the delivery of the facilitator.

Secondary teacher, Alberta