Menu of learning opportunities
Program themes
Menu of learning opportunities
Program themes

We offer a flexible menu of face-to-face and online sessions to serve particular needs or to form a more comprehensive program. Individual sessions or a short sequence of sessions can be inspiring and affect the trajectory of a teacher's practice. However, teachers gain the most from a professional learning initiative when they have opportunities to work with ideas in their classrooms over an extended period of time. Our comprehensive menu of learning opportunities offers Partners a rich complement of sessions and resources on a wide range of themes from which they may custom develop a professional learning program for their teachers or instructional leaders.

TC² facilitators and consultants will work with you to customize a learning program to suit your needs by selecting from a menu of interrelated learning opportunities:

  • face-to-face workshops
  • online workshops
  • shoulder-to-shoulder coaching
  • in-class modelling
  • online coaching
  • online and print lessons
  • online and print professional resources

A sample one-year professional learning program could consist of three day-long workshops, two in-between online sessions and a regular supply of teaching ideas including access to online resource collections and professional readings. The unifying threads of these programs are teacher-directed inquiries or projects emerging from teachers' own goals.

Partners often extend their one-year programs to a second or third year, as they develop teacher leaders within their own learning community. We encourage smaller schools or teams to join together in sharing both the cost and collaborative benefits of a program.