Build organizational awareness
Sustain professional learning
Build organizational awareness
Sustain professional learning

Make thinking an increasingly important part of your work with colleagues in your school and district with TC² support and resources. Your effectiveness as an advocate is enhanced if there is broad awareness within your school or district of the importance and opportunities for engendering thinking classrooms.

Find like-minded colleagues

A useful beginning point is to seek out colleagues who are already committed to the idea of a thinking classroom or to build a team of instructional leaders who might be allies in this cause. Here are two ways in which we may be of help.

Discuss with colleagues the potential for using a thinking classrooms approach to enhance other initiatives that currently occupy their attention. Our orientation is to infuse thinking into existing practices, not to replace them. Read more about our “value added” approach to professional learning in the Coherent dimension of our ‘3C’ support for teachers.

Keep thinking top of mind

Keep the notion of a thinking classroom in the forefront of your colleagues’ radar. Here are some of the ways we can help in this regard.

Follow us on Twitter and retweet interesting ideas to your colleagues.

Each month on our home page, we post a brief discussion of a topical idea which we invite educators to explore. Consider sharing this link with colleagues or hosting an online forum.

Create an account

Stay up-to-date with what is happening at TC² when you create an account and join our mailing list.

Start an instructional leaders’ book group where you and your colleagues meet to discuss an issue of common interest. Our best selling publication, Creating Thinking Classrooms, has proved to be a popular catalyst for discussion. Many of the articles and videos in our library of professional resources would also be suitable discussion pieces.

Share successes with superiors and colleagues

Nothing succeeds like success. Find ways to circulate information on the impact of professional development efforts on teachers’ attitudes and practices and, more importantly, on student engagement and achievement.

Disseminate stories of the positive experiences of local teachers in their journey towards thinking classrooms. Write up descriptions for inclusion in a school or district newsletter. Consider submitting them to our Stories from the Classroom collection for even broader exposure.

Circulate evidence of the power of professional learning opportunities to influence teaching practices and to enhance student thinking. If you don’t yet have evidence from your own efforts, consider sharing the testimonials and evidence of impact resulting for our work as possibilities of what can happen in your organization.