Coaching in critical inquiry
Math lead teacher certification
Coaching in critical inquiry
Math lead teacher certification

We offer a flexible menu of face-to-face and/or online sessions to serve particular needs or to form a more comprehensive program. Certificate programs are extended learning opportunities with a pre-planned structure and sequence. They culminate in the awarding of a certificate of achievement for all participants who successfully fulfill the program requirements. We currently offer two certificate programs for teacher leaders who wish to enhance their ability to support other educators in a coaching capacity.

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Math lead teacher certification

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This program supports teacher development of a rich understanding of the diverse role of critical thinking in math classrooms. The program is designed to:

  • enhance the ability to plan and design classroom materials that support student success in mathematics through quality thinking;
  • generate classroom materials that meet both student and teacher learning needs; and
  • empower participants to lead others in the implementation of this approach.

Program expectations. Participants will be required to achieve the following professional learning goals:

  • design, and provide evidence of, learning invitations that effectively support student development of thinking competencies in math;
  • design a series of thinking lessons that iteratively support student responses to an overarching critical inquiry question and task;
  • provide evidence of the capacity to build lessons that include an effective launch, the use of criteria and thinking strategies for rich learning, and student use of Thoughtbooks to consolidate learning;
  • identify effective assessment criteria for each lesson and create a scoring tool for the assessment of the overarching task and question; and
  • provide evidence of professional learning and leadership growth documented in a Thoughtbook while collaboratively implementing and improving on classroom materials developed.

Certification. Teachers will obtain certification upon providing evidence of growth in their leadership capacity to support implementation of a critical inquiry pedagogy in mathematics and by producing quality classroom materials.

Scheduling. The program offers 18 hours of personalized coaching and 10 hours of support in-between the scheduled coaching sessions. Both the coaching sessions and in-between support can be delivered through a customized combination of face to face and online sessions. Teachers will work with TC² Math Consultant, Laura Gini-Newman, to create a schedule that is mutually convenient.

Prerequisites. We require that participants are familiar with the TC² approach to critical thinking and have a keen interest in implementing a critical inquiry pedagogy in math classrooms.

Enrolment. This is a highly individualized and personalized, one-on-one program designed to meet the specific needs of the teacher. Small group sessions can also be arranged.

Program fees. $4800/person. Group discounts are available. Please contact Victoria Campoli for more information.