Coaching in critical inquiry
Math lead teacher certification
Coaching in critical inquiry
Math lead teacher certification

We offer a flexible menu of face-to-face and/or online sessions to serve particular needs or to form a more comprehensive program. Certificate programs are extended learning opportunities with a pre-planned structure and sequence. They culminate in the awarding of a certificate of achievement for all participants who successfully fulfill the program requirements. We currently offer two certificate programs for teacher leaders who wish to enhance their ability to support other educators in a coaching capacity.

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Coaching in critical inquiry

TC² offers a 16-session online certification program to develop educators’ ability to coach teachers in critical inquiry. The program is designed to:

  • deepen understanding of the TC² approach to critical inquiry
  • enhance the ability to undertake ongoing professional self-reflection
  • nurture confidence and ability to coach colleagues through model lesson teaching, co-planning and productive feedback

Program structure. The program is divided into four modules, each consisting of approximately four online sessions with ongoing Moodle access for online dialogue between sessions. The modules focus on strategies for coaching colleagues in four areas:

  • building a thoughtful learning community
  • creating critical challenges
  • supporting self-regulated tool development
  • assessing for thinking

Learning activities. Session activities include developing and critiquing critical challenges, in-depth exploration of critical thinking tools and principles, discussions and reflections related to coaching strategies and relationships, and opportunities to offer feedback to peers within the program and in their own teaching situations. Brief readings and short learning tasks may be required to prepare for some sessions. At the conclusion of each module, participants complete an authentic task.

Certification. Participants who complete the sessions and a demonstration of learning at the end of each module receive a letter of completion for that module. Those who complete all four modules, a culminating reflection at the end of the course and who demonstrate commitment to participation in the online sessions and Moodle dialogue receive a certificate for the course.

Scheduling. Synchronous online sessions of 75 minutes will take place approximately every two weeks from early November to June on Tuesday afternoons. Participants will have access to archived recordings of any sessions they are unable to attend or wish to review. Specific dates and times will be determined in consultation with participants once a cohort has been established. Depending on levels of interest, we may be able to offer a session for those in both Pacific/Mountain time zones and those in the Eastern time zone during a 3:00 to 5:00 pm window. Please indicate your time zone to the administrator.

Prerequisites. We require that participants are familiar with the TC² approach to critical thinking (a minimum of one year’s experience) and are willing to work with digital technologies to support meaningful learning online.

Enrolment. There are a minimum of 15 and maximum of 35 participants in a cohort. Cohorts are typically comprised of participants from different schools and districts. While individual participants are welcome, ideally participants register with a team or partner with whom they can discuss ideas relative to their work. In some cases, cohorts may be drawn from a single district, given a sufficient number of registrants with common background and goals.