Partnership application

The Critical Thinking Consortium is a non-profit association of Partner schools, school districts and other educational organizations dedicated to providing sustained support for their teachers and staff. In agreeing to join the Consortium, Partners agree to six principles.

Common vision

The Consortium’s mission is to promote thinking through four integrated functions of professional development, publications, community building and research.

Shared philosophy

Our guiding philosophy is to enhance education through coherent, comprehensive and continuous field-based professional learning supported by exemplary teaching and assessment resources.

Participation in governance

Organizations who have been Partners for at least one year are encouraged to participate in the Consortium's governance and direction setting by agreeing to serve as a Voting member of the Consortium.

Respect for intellectual property

Partners agree to act in accordance with Consortium policies on reproducing and adapting TC² materials that encourage broad dissemination and ensure the integrity and copyright of our materials and services.

Annual fees

Annual partnership fees provide considerable benefits including ongoing consultation to develop programs, free access to our three main online resource collections and discounts for professional learning services and resources.

Minimum commitment

Partners are encouraged to make a minimum two-year commitment to partnership in the Consortium.