Partnership application

Here are eight ways to keep informed and work with other groups within the Consortium.

Connect with other Partners

All current Partners are listed on our website. To contact Partners in your area to find out what others have been doing or to share ideas, contact our Professional Learning Consultant, Judy Richards.

Attend sessions offered through other Partners

Rather than sponsor your own sessions, contact our Professional Learning Consultant, Judy Richards, to see which Partners in your area are hosting sessions that may be compatible with your teachers’ needs. This can help individuals who have missed a session get caught up with their colleagues or enable small groups to avail themselves of workshops on specialized topics.

Jointly sponsor sessions with Partners

Consider contacting TC² or a Partner in your area to co-plan a face-to-face or online session. This offers financial benefits and provides valuable opportunities for ongoing cohort collaboration.

Co-construct resources

Have you identified a resource or support material that would be helpful in implementing new curriculum or meeting particular teacher and student needs? Enhance the quality and reduce the cost of creating custom-developed resources by working with TC² and other Partners. Contact us with your ideas.

Co-sponsor an institute with TC²

Do you dream of hosting a professional learning event that seems out of reach for your organization? Share responsibilities, costs and benefits by collaborating with TC² and others in co-sponsoring an event. TC² has helped Partner groups host conferences that have drawn educators from across North America. Contact us.

Describe your experiences

Inspire, inform and entertain your colleagues by writing a one- or two-page account of a memorable experience in promoting thinking with your staff or students. Submit your story for sharing in our Stories from the Classroom.

Submit a testimonial

Recommendations from other educators are very meaningful. Email a brief comment about how a TC² resource or workshop has supported your work in critical, creative or collaborative thinking that we may include in a flyer or on our website.

Share evidence of success

Contribute to a growing body of evidence of impact of the TC² approach with teachers and students. Contact us to share your own experiences and their impact. Documenting your successes can inspire others and inform our efforts.