The Consortium welcomes the use of the TC² model and our published and unpublished materials by Partners and non-partners for commercial and not-for-profit purposes under the following conditions. Any breach of these conditions may result in immediate revoking of all privileges and rights associated with use of the TC² model and resources.

Contact our office for permissions and reproduction information.

Individual teacher use

Generally speaking, use of TC² materials found on our website, distributed in our workshops or reproduced in our publications is restricted to in-class use by the individual purchaser, licensee or participant. Go to Terms and conditions for a detailed statement of the rights and restrictions for use of these materials by individuals. Anyone sharing TC² materials must also comply with the conditions described below.

Partner sharing or adaption

The payment of an annual Partner fee entitles the employees of Partner groups to use and share particular materials and services available through the Consortium within their own school, district or association. We have a generous policy regarding the free use of limited portions of our resources by Partners. In some cases, Partners may simply share our resources without seeking explicit TC² approval; in cases where the intention is to adapt or publish TC² material, explicit approval is required.

Conditions for free Partner sharing

Partners need not obtain prior permission for use of the TC² model and its related materials, provided the following conditions apply:

  • The TC² materials are used in their original version without alteration or modification.
  • A relatively small percentage of the publication, online resource or workshop materials is being shared.
  • The sharing is exclusively within the Partner organization and at no cost to users.
  • The resources are not being published, mounted on a public website or desktopped.
  • The Consortium receives suitable credit for use of its intellectual property and the TC² copyright is included on the material.
  • A statement prominently indicates that users are not to share the TC² resources.

Partner sharing requiring prior TC² approval

Partners must obtain TC² permission prior to publicly disseminating, publishing or modifying materials based on the TC² model and prior to selling professional development or consultation services based on the TC² model.

The Partner must:

  • submit the proposed materials to TC² for review prior to dissemination or use
  • indicate the context, quantity and, if applicable, selling price of the package containing the TC² materials
  • include a suitable credit for use of the Consortium’s intellectual property and include the TC² copyright on the materials
  • agree to make the changes that TC² may require or to pay TC² to make the necessary changes
  • ensure that any proposals or agreements with other parties, including contracts, involving use of the TC² model respect the terms of the partnership with the Consortium and that all such agreements be submitted to the Consortium for prior review
  • compensate TC² for use of its intellectual property based on the Permission fees in cases where the materials or services will be sold and/or widely disseminated

Non-partner use of TC² materials

We welcome the use of our materials by publishers, non-profit groups, school districts and universities who are not TC² Partners. However, these groups must request permission prior to reproducing our resources for use in their publications, workshops and websites. TC² reserves the right to charge for permission to use or adapt its copyrighted materials. Permission fees, if any, will be set on the basis of the anticipated number of copies or online users, and whether the materials will be freely distributed (non-commercial use) or offered for resale (commercial use).

Non-partner groups wishing to use our materials should submit the proposed materials to TC² for review prior to dissemination or use, and indicate the context, quantity and, if applicable, selling price of the package containing the TC² materials.

In the case of commercial publishers, our policy:

  • is not to grant exclusive use of our material, but to encourage broad use of the TC² model consistent with maintaining the integrity of the model
  • is to take suitable measures to safeguard the confidentiality of publishers’ work, including the use of reviewers who will not show, distribute or discuss the contents with any other party
  • is to require written acknowledgement from potential users of its right not to have TC²'s name associated with materials that fail to use the model adequately or are otherwise not of sufficient quality
  • is to formally endorse resources that are deemed to be of exemplary quality, particularly in their use of the TC² model

Rationale for copyright retention

The TC² Board of directors requires that wherever possible we retain the copyright and the moral rights to the materials we develop and that we restrict the breadth of use in cases where we are unable to retain those rights. There are three reasons for this policy:

  • TC² has invested millions of dollars to develop the conception and the extensive applications of its model, and this investment should not simply be turned over to others.
  • in cases where we have not protected the integrity of our model, we have seen disturbing examples of misapplication that has damaged our reputation and undermined our ability to operate successfully.
  • TC²’s long-term sustainability requires that it reliably generates its own revenue sources and not be largely dependent on outside funders; this is possible only if copyright is retained within the organization.