As part of our ongoing commitment to extend our collective understanding and improve the effectiveness of our efforts, we regularly undertake in-house and collaborative research with Partners and other groups. These joint initiatives include the following:

Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium

As part of a two-year initiative sponsored by the SAPDC, TC² carried out research on the use and effects of digital technologies in sustaining blended virtual and face-to-face learning communities.

Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training

The Council of Atlantic Ministers commissioned TC² to research and develop a detailed scope and sequence of social studies skills for Grades K-12 to serve as a framework for their curriculum development in social studies.

MiTAC, Vancouver Foundation and Brant County Health Unit

Working with the support from these organizations, TC² constructed and piloted a written pre-and post-measure of key dimensions of critical thinking for use with students in grades 6 through 9.