Our best selling publication

Creating Thinking Classrooms separates the rhetoric from the reality associated with learning in the 21st century. Full of practical advice, this book includes a realistic approach to support leaders at school, district and system levels in their efforts to help teachers navigate the challenges of educational change. Partners and Individual Members receive 20% off.

Quick Guides to Thinking Classrooms

The first publication in our newest series, Using Thoughtbooks to Sustain Inquiry provides practical ideas, examples and templates to help students use the Thoughtbook format to capture their thinking and to revisit and refine their evolving work.

Nurturing the tools for competency

How can we ensure that our students have the tools needed for success? The Competencies Toolkit, a new teaching resource from The Critical Thinking Consortium, provides the basis for teaching tools to develop student competence to think, communicate and act.

Comprehensive online resources

The Inquiry-pacs collection is a comprehensive online resource, with print supplement options, containing detailed teaching instructions, easy-to-use student materials and visual displays. They offer inquiry-based activities to engage students in thinking critically as they master all the learning outcomes and expectations in the curriculum.

Ressources en français

Nous avons traduit plusieurs de nos publications vers le français. Consultez notre Boutique en ligne pour voir tous les titres disponibles.