Voting members form the formally recognized membership of the Consortium as stipulated in The Critical Thinking Consortium bylaws. These individuals participate in approving the organization’s financial, operational and governance policies and practices.


Voting members are individuals drawn from three groups:

  • one designated representative from each active Partner organization who has paid annual fees for two years and used TC² services during that time
  • all sitting members of the Board of Directors
  • persons appointed as a TC² Adviser by a vote of the Board, deemed to be an important friend of TC²; such Advisers to be limited to no more than six


Voting Members will agree to the following:

  • attend the annual June AGM in person or virtually; or
  • in lieu of attending, send a proxy to the Chair of the Board or to any other person of their choosing who will attend in person or online


Voting Members are eligible to retain their status provided they

  • continue to be (1) a designated representative from an active Partner; (2) a member of the Board of Directors or (3) a TC² Adviser who has not been removed as a friend of TC²; and
  • fulfill their duties regarding the AGM or have a legitimate reason for their failure to do so

Supporting documents

Voting Members will receive the following:

  • a Voting Members introductory package with details of expectations and responsibilities and background documents
  • quarterly summaries of the main financial and operational developments, if requested
  • an AGM package with agenda, documents and reports
  • invitations to participate in any forums and regional meetings that may be held
  • complimentary copies of a range of TC² publications and online resources

Specific responsibilities

Voting Members are responsible for:

  • nominating prospective Board members
  • voting on all motions put forward at the AGM and on any special votes of the membership that may be held at other times as allowed by our by-laws
  • bringing forward additional motions and nominating additional Board candidates at the AGM, as allowed by our bylaws