Current projects

Parkland School Division
$12,000 (2016)

Translation of Tools for Thought

TC² has been contracted by Parkland School District, Alberta to translate several lessons from the Tools For Thought online resource into French.

Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund
$83,815 (2015-16)

Understanding internment through the arts

TC² is developing and disseminating four elementary teaching modules that focus on Ukrainian and other immigrant experiences, especially during the First World War Internment period. The modules draw upon poetry, drama, visual arts and literature to build students’ knowledge of these historical events and to develop appreciation for the hardships enduring and the courage displayed.

Completed projects

Department of Physiotherapy, University of Toronto
$28,000 (2015-16)

Curriculum renewal

TC² is working collaboratively with the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto todevelop a comprehensive, articulated set of thinking competency targets for program graduates. Assessment, instructional practices, faculty collaboration and ongoing program planning are being examined in light of the targets.

Science Teachers' Association of Ontario
$4,000 (2015-16)

Online resources

TC² has partnered with the Science Teachers' Association of Ontario/L'Association des professeurs de sciences de l'Ontario (STAO/APSO) to develop resources geared towards enhancing student engagement in science through innovative teaching and learning practices. The resources will provide background information and tips to assist teachers embedding critical thinking into their classroom practice. The resources will be delivered via the STAO/APSO website and workshops.

Academic Success Centre, University of Toronto
$53,000 (2013-15)

Online modules

TC² is working with the Academic Success Centre (ASC) at the University of Toronto to develop a series of online, self-directed modules to nurture the development of critical thinking and other core competencies at undergraduate and, potentially, graduate levels. The TC² framework for critical thinking will be integrated into the broader work of the Academic Success Centre through work with peer mentors, workshop development and the infusion of critical thinking pedagogy into resources as they are developed.

The Vancouver Foundation
$24,800 (2014-15)

Enriching Heritage Fairs

TC² has partnered with the British Columbia Heritage Fairs Society and the Vancouver School Board to develop two online teacher resources and offer 20 one-to-two hour professional development opportunities to support teachers in Vancouver and around British Columbia in infusing enhanced Heritage Fairs projects into their teaching.

Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund
$239,751 (2011-15)

Five-year national plan

TC² is developing and implementing a five-year national plan to embed the topic of World War I internment into a diverse array of educational programs, resources and professional development opportunities. The goal is to promote widespread teacher and youth knowledge of and empathy for the treatment of various groups interned during World War I in Canada.

Ministry of Ontario
$220,000 (2011-14)

French language resources

TC² is developing a French-language resource document on critical thinking for social studies teachers from grades 1-6 based on TC² documents, and translating and adapting four current TC² publications into French-language versions.

Royal Canadian Geographical Society
$22,000 (2010-14)

Exemplars in Geographical Thinking

TC² is producing a new publication, Exemplars in Geographical Thinking, providing model lessons illustrating six concepts in thinking critically in geography.

British Columbia Principals' and Vice-Principals' Association
$16,470 (2014-15)

Re-imaging classrooms for a 21st Century world

TC² worked with the BC Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Association to co-sponsor a professional resource for teachers and educational leaders on how to make sense of and implement the growing and diverse calls for educational reform.

Learning Network Legacy Projects
$48,600 (2010-14)

Focus on Critical Inquiry Videos

TC² co-developed with The Learning Network a series of 8 professional videos in a series called Focus on Critical Inquiry. The FOCI videos are between 12 to 15 minutes in length and explore topics such as engaging students through inquiry, differentiation in an inquiry classroom, teaching habits of mind, using technologies to support collaborative thinking and promoting critical and creative thinking.

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History, Phase V
$22,120 (2013-14)

The Franklin Expedition MysteryQuests

TC² created five new MysteryQuests to support the latest mystery featured on the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History website: The Franklin Mystery: Life and death in the Arctic.

Conseil des écoles catholiques du centre-est
$35,220 (2013-14)

Adaption of TC² resources and website into French

The Conseil des écoles catholiques du centre-est and TC² worked to increase the critical thinking resources available to Francophone teachers. The project created a parallel TC² website in French and translated many TC² materials into French.

Statistics Canada
$20,060 (2014)

Measuring Ecosystem Goods and Services Educational Resources

TC² created a series of educational resources and lesson plans at the secondary and post-secondary level related to the Statistics Canada interdisciplinary project, Measuring Ecosystem Goods and Services.

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History, Phase IV
$35,553 (2012-13)


TC² created nine new MysteryQuests, three for each of the following Mysteries: The Redpath Mansion Mystery, Death on a Painted Lake: The Tom Thomson Tragedy, and Death of a Diplomat.

City of Edmonton
$66,797 (2012-13)

Treat it Right: Low Impact Development

This project involved the development of a teaching program that uses a critical thinking approach to link a number of aspects of the Alberta grade 7 science program of study to Low Impact Development (LID). Students learn general scientific principles and gain investigative tools as they explore challenges and issues related to storm water management in their own city.

Learning Network Legacy Projects
$110,130 (2010-12)

Teaching about Archaeological Thinking ($45,100)

TC² developed a publication in the Tools for Critical Inquiry series on thinking about archaeological sites and heritage conservation. Building on the work done on historical and geographical thinking, the resource focuses on exploring six portal concepts.

Collection of Inquiry Based Instruction Digital Strategies ($40,780)

The Learning Network and TC² co-developed 60 modular inquiry strategies using interactive whiteboard technology that can be easily used to embed engaging critical thinking activities into many teaching situations and subject areas.

Take 2 Student Tutorials ($24,250)

TC² co-developed a series of 10 student tutorial videos in a series called Take 2. The videos are under 2 minutes in length and introduce students to key critical thinking tools and include strategies for investigating textual material, preparing for a U-shaped discussion, learning to recognize and filter extraneous information and asking powerful questions.

Simon Fraser University
$30,000 (2012)

Komagata Maru

TC² developed lesson plans and related learning materials to support the Komagata Maru website developed by Simon Fraser University.

Microsoft Canada
$11,550 (2012)

Nurturing Inquiry with Kinect and OneNote

TC² developed sample lessons across a range of subjects and grades that integrate Microsoft programs, Kinect and OneNote. OneNote was used as a digital “Thought Journal” to assist students in assembling, organizing, revising, extending and sharing their ideas.

Community Historical Recognition Program
$91,850 (2010-11)

Chinese Canadian Stories

TC² partnered with the UBC Community Historical Recognition Program to produce various online learning resources to support student examination of the Chinese Canadian Stories website.

Lorimer Publishing
$10,500 (2011)

Righting Canada's Wrongs

TC² collaborated with Lorimer Publishing to develop a series of lesson plans on historical perspective taking, causation, continuity and change, consequences, and ethical judgment.

Canadian International Development Agency
$51,600 (2010-11)

Developing Global Empathies: Learning Through Literature

The goal of this project was to develop print and online resources for use in social studies and language arts classrooms in Canada, and to support their use through professional development workshops. The multi-faceted teaching resource will increase students' knowledge of and empathy for people in developing countries.

The print resource introduces a collection of interpretive strategies to teach elementary and middle students to read realistic literature that features development issues and projects on CIDA-related themes. Some of the themes addressed are: basic human needs, infrastructure services, human rights, democracy and good governance, environment, water/sanitation, HIV/AIDS, food/nutrition, basic education, child protection, health, economic development and quality of life, information and prevention programs, child labour, war-affected children, respect for and understanding of human rights, rights of women and children, help for developing countries to protect their environment and gender equality.

Library of Parliament
$21,945 (2011)

Classroom Resource: Parliamentary Committee Simulations

This classroom resource package, developed by TC², helps teachers to recreate mock parliamentary committees with their students.

Alberta Heritage
$36,000 (2010)

Historic Places Curriculum Project

TC² led the development of learning and teaching resources that raised the profile of Alberta's historic places and heritage conservation and complemented the existing Alberta curriculum.

BC Campus
$51,600 (2009-10)

Embedding Critical Thinking Opportunities into Distributed Learning Environments

This project involved development of eight self-contained, independent learning objects providing instruction and guided practice in core critical thinking "tools for thought". The objects can be used in online or face-to face courses to support independent student learning.

Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium
$18,000 (2009-10)


Course-pacs was a TC² initiative to develop a comprehensive digital resource containing detailed lesson overviews, ready-to-use student booklets and interactive visual displays for use with whiteboard technology. It provides teachers with effective tools to engage students in critical thinking as they develop understanding of the prescribed subject matter.

Burnaby School District:
18,000 (2009-10)

Engaging Learners Online

This project was a TC² initiative to develop high quality, inquiry-based online courses for students in varying subjects and grade levels that fully met specific provincial requirements. Key features of the online courses included emphasis on critical thinking as a way of engaging students in learning the subject matter; use of video and interactive self-contained tutorials to provide "tool" development; a rich online community for students to engage in collaborative interaction with other students and course mentors; differentiated learning and assessment for learning; provision to adapt self-directed courses for use in face-to-face classrooms, especially to support early career teachers.

Montgomery County Public Schools and Promethean
$151,450 (2008-10)

Promoting critically thoughtful use of Promethean "Activeboards"

This project explored the use of Activeboards in elementary, middle and high schools to transform teaching and learning and to help close the gap between high and low achieving students. TC² helped teachers integrate Promethean's Activeboards in their teaching to enhance student engagement with the curriculum.

SFU Museum of Archaeology:
19,560 (2009-10)

Virtual Museum of Canada web project

TC² worked with subject area experts to plan, create and review the learning materials and progress of the project to support the educational value and appeal of the Virtual Museum website.

British Columbia Teachers' Federation: $21,300 (2008-09)

TC² worked with teachers and representatives from various community groups to develop a print and digital resource to teach about the 1907 riots in Vancouver by viewing the causes, circumstances and consequences of this event though the eyes of five pivotal groups.

Canadian International Development Agency
$61,550 (2008-09)

Developing a global perspective: learning through provocative images

The goal of thisproject was to develop a print and online resource for use in elementary and secondary social studies classrooms across Canada and to support the use of these materials through professional development workshops. The teaching resource, The World through Pictures, provides a powerful way to build knowledge about and create empathy for people in developing countries. The resource introduces a collection of powerful strategies to teach students to read and interpret photographs through featured Canadian development projects.

Library and Archives Canada
$9,760 (2008-09)

Prime Minister's Kit

TC² developed eight critical thinking lessons and extensions for the new educational resource First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics.

Ontario Family Leadership Studies Council
$20,225 (2009)

Thinking Critically About Local Food

The Critical Thinking Consortium developed a teaching resource to support students in thinking critically about the health, economic and environmental benefits of eating locally.

Alberta Education Phase III/IV
$280,000 (2005-08)

On-line Teaching Resources for Social Studies (grades 5,6 8, 9,11,12)

TC² worked with 60 teachers over two phases to develop two hundred online critical thinking activities and support materials for the new social studies curriculum in Alberta.

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History, Phase III
$31,850 (2007-08)


TC² created nine MysteryQuests, involving use of primary historical documents associated with three Mysteries: Where is Vinland?, Who Discovered Klondike Gold? and Jerome: the Mystery Man of Baie Sainte-Marie.

Carthy Foundation
$39,000 (2007-08)

The Thoughtful Books

This project was conceived to nurture critical literacy and social responsibility in elementary school aged children. The series offers substantially self-explanatory companion reading guides that accompany exemplary literature for use by parents and teachers. Ten guides have been developed and produced as part of this project.

Central Okanagan School District & The Learning Centre
$23,550 (2007-08)

Critically Thoughtful i-Learning

The Central Okanagan School District developed this program to articulate use of contemporary technologies to meet district goals such as improving literacy, numeracy and social responsibility. TC² helped teachers use laptop technology to meet district goals and conducted research into the changes in teachers' practice throughout the project.

Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training
$17,800 (2008)

Social Studies Kindergarten to Grade 12: Scope and Sequence of Core Content and Skills

The purpose of this project was to develop/articulate a scope and sequence of social studies skills for Grades K-12. The skills were derived from the dimensions of thinking associated with six social studies conceptual strands, and critical thinking, critical inquiry and dialectical thinking related to social studies.

Inukshuk Wireless Partnership
$66,477 (2007-08)

The Inukshuk Project focused on the need to provide a distributed learning science curriculum that was innovative, engaging and effective. TC² has partnered with COOL Schools and The Central Okanagan School District to develop twelve Grade 7 science lessons designed to bring together the TC² method of embedding critical thinking with Cool School's expertise in innovative technical design and the organizational aspect of online learning. Lessons took the form of critical challenges to help students learn and use several "intellectual tools".

Ontario History and Social Studies Teachers' Association

Ontario History, Humanities and Social Sciences Consultants Association

The History Education Network / Histoire et Éducation en Réseau

$16,800 (2008)

Exemplars in Historical Thinking: 20th Century Canada

TC² produced a new publication, Exemplars in Historical Thinking: 20th Century Canada, providing model lessons illustrating six concepts in thinking critically about history.

Royal Canadian Geographical Society
$19,500 (2008)

Teaching About Geographical Thinking

This publication, produced by TC², articulates six central concepts in thinking critically in geography.

Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium
$138,840 (2006-08)

The Partners Network was a plan by SAPDC to sustain communities of practice in Alberta to assist local teachers with implementation of the new social studies program. TC² assisted in organizing and providing professional support to groups of urban and rural teachers who participated in face-to-face and online networks of professional development and collaborative inquiry. Concurrent with this, TC² conducted research on the effects of electronic learning technologies in nurturing these professional communities.

Statistics Canada
$12,640 (2008)

Census 2006 Learning Activities

TC² developed eight learning activities based on the Census 2006 results to encourage the use of Statistics Canada census data, technology and critical thinking.

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History, Phase II
$27,000 (2006-07)


TC² created nine MysteryQuests, involving use of primary historical documents associated with various Mysteries in the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History series.

Canadian International Development Agency
$50,080 (2005-07)

Globalizing Connections: Canada and the Developing World

TC² published a curriculum resource with an extensive online dimension to help secondary students understand the nature and scope of globalization and efforts by Canadian non-governmental groups in areas affected by globalization.

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History, Phase I
$38,100 (2005-06)


TC² created twelve MysteryQuests, involving use of primary historical documents associated with six Mysteries in the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History series.

Canadian Studies Program
$15,975 (2005-06)

Tools for Historical Understanding

Three curriculum resources were developed to support the use of source documents and to foster understanding of historical thinking among teachers of Canadian history.

Alberta Education Phase I/II
$115,000 (2004-05)

On-line Teaching Resources for Social Studies (grades K-4, 7, 10)

TC² worked with 60 teachers over two phases to develop two hundred online critical thinking activities and support materials for the Ministry website on the new social studies curriculum in Alberta. The primary-level lesson ideas are posted on Learn Alberta.

Canadian International Development Agency
$26,600 (2003-04)

Critical Thinking: A Global Perspective

TC² developed, published and disseminated a curriculum resource for use by elementary and secondary teachers to foster understanding of the rights of young persons around the world and the role of Canadian non-governmental groups in furthering these rights. The print resource, Caring for Young Peoples' Rights, was published in 2004. ISBN 0-86491-249-8

Ministry of Education, British Columbia
$386,000 (2000-03)

Vancouver Foundation
$110,000 (2000-03)

Networks for Teacher Development in Social Studies

TC² worked with 23 teams of teachers to develop, publish and disseminate curriculum resources to embed critical thinking into the teaching of social studies in British Columbia.