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TC² @ 25
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April: Next Steps for Bringing Critical Inquiry into Math Class

Feeling inspired to bring a critical inquiry approach into your math classroom? Here are a few steps you can take to get started.

Access Featured Resources for Math

TC² offers resources in a variety of formats. Below is a sampling of our online resources in math. Access to these samples is complimentary.

Free!A math pedagogy designed to empower learners

Laura Gini-Newman outlines a new pedagogical approach to the teaching and learning of mathematics that is focused on building student capacity to reason mathematically through critical inquiry.


This article is from our Critical Discussions collection.

Free!But will it also work in math?

Read Sarah Sommers’ account of introducing critical inquiry to her Grade 5 math students.

Intermediate (4-6)

This article is from our Stories from the Classroom collection.

Free!Evidence of impact

Get a sense of the impact TC² can have on student achievement and engagement, by examining Math EQAO scores (Grades 3 and 6) as well as data on reported student engagement.

This page is from the About TC² section of our website.

Gratuit!Utiliser l’écriture réflexive en mathématiques et en sciences

Utiliser l’écriture réflexive pour approfondir la compréhension, clarifier des idées et fixer des objectifs d’apprentissage en mathématiques et en sciences.

Moyen (4-6) | Intermédiaire (7-9)

Cette leçon est issue de notre collection Outils de la pensée.

Free!Write reflectively in mathematics and science

Learn how to use reflective writing to deepen understanding, clarify ideas, and set learning goals in math.

Intermediate (4-6) | Middle (7-9)

This lesson is from our Tools for Thought collection.

Free!Family size

Consider a ready-to-go critical-inquiry challenge in which students establish the numeric range of members in small-, medium-, and large-size families.

Primary (K-3)

This lesson is from our Critical Challenges collection.

Free!Critical thinking in elementary mathematics: What? Why? When? and How?

Explore how you can invite students to make reasoned decisions about virtually every aspect of mathematics.

Intermediate (4-6) | Primary (K-3)

This article is from our Tips for Teachers collection.

Consider Professional Development

Engage a TC² Facilitator

Consider the possibility of bringing a math facilitator, such as TC² Math Specialist and Consultant Laura Gini-Newman, to your school or board.

A Powerful Math Learning Approach

View the digital presentation Building teacher and student capacity to think critically in math, used during a recent webinar hosted by TC² Math Specialist and Consultant Laura Gini-Newman.

Special Offer!TC²’s Math Lead Teacher Certification Program

To develop a rich understanding of the diverse role of critical thinking in math classrooms, consider enrolling in TC²’s Math Lead Teacher Certification Program. You can choose from a flexible menu of face-to-face and online sessions.