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TC² is a non-profit organization of Partner groups and Individual Members.

Each year we support many thousands of educators through a range of face-to-face, online and print resources and services developed around a classroom-proven approach to embedding critical thinking. Our aim is to help students learn to think and think to learn.

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New at TC²

NEW! Teachers wanting to engage students in geographical thinking through critical inquiry will find Teaching Geographical Thinking (Revised and expanded edition) a very welcome resource. It provides a solid framework of concepts, examples and questions that clearly develop what critical inquiry means in geographical problem solving. Available now in our Online shop.


Welcome back to a new school year and a new year of The Thinking Teacher. In this edition we celebrate International Literacy Day (September 8th) by offering three resources that make use of exemplary children’s literature to help both young and older readers learn to read critically and to thoughtfully consider ethical matters.


While she was in Trinidad, TC² writer and facilitator Maria Vamvalis appeared on The Morning Brew television show and spoke with host Hema Ramkissoon about the TC² conception of critical and creative thinking. Click here to watch the video.


We are excited to announce that our new grade 8 Inquiry-pac unit Canada 1890-1914: A Changing Society is now available. This online package provides everything you need to implement unit 8B of the new Ontario history curriculum through exciting, ongoing inquiry. Licenses for this unit are now available for purchase, as well as the grade 2 Changing Family and Community Traditions, the grade 4 Early Societies, the grade 5 Good Government and Responsible Citizenship, the grade 6 Community Stories and Canadian Identity and the grade 7 Physical Patterns in a Changing World units.


TC² is pleased to announce new and updated French resources to support the development of critical inquiry in history and geography. Organized around frameworks of interrelated concepts, questions and examples, French versions of Teaching Geographic Thinking (Enseigner la pensée géographique) and Exemplars in Historical Thinking (Leçons modèles de pensée historique : le XXe siècle au Canada) provide powerful and practical guidance for geographical problem-solving and historical thinking.


NEW! The Anthology of Social Studies: Issues and Strategies for Elementary Teachers (Colour version) brings together the work of education scholars and the experiences of teachers, the best of the theory and the practice, in a comprehensive collection of ideas and activities for elementary social studies.


NEW! The Anthology of Social Studies: Issues and Strategies for Secondary Teachers (Updated edition) is an essential, practical resource for practising teachers and curriculum developers. For pre-service teachers, the anthology will serve not only as an accessible and informative course text, but also as a valuable resource that they will use throughout their careers.


How can we ensure that our students have the tools needed for success? The Competencies Toolkit, a new teaching resource from The Critical Thinking Consortium, provides the basis for teaching tools to develop student competence to think, communicate and act. Learn more about this new publication.


Recognizing an Historic Injustice: Canada's First National Internment Operations explores the events, causes and consequences of the internment of thousands of individuals in Canada during the First World war era. It has been made available for free courtesy of a grant from the Endowment Council of the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund. Visit our Pivotal Voices page to download a free PDF version or go to our online shop to order a print copy for the cost of shipping.


Creating Thinking Classrooms separates the rhetoric from the reality associated with learning in the 21st century. Full of practical advice, this book includes a realistic approach to support leaders at school, district and system levels in their efforts to help teachers navigate the challenges of educational change. Partners and Individual Members receive 20% off. Read a review of this book.

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