Session formats
Session themes
Webinar guidelines
Session formats
Session themes
Webinar guidelines

Learn how we can help you plan affordable professional learning facilitated by our experienced team. TC² uses Adobe Connect, an interactive webinar platform, for our online sessions. This platform will allow you to:

  • view onscreen presentations
  • participate through voice, text chat and icons
  • participate in an interactive group experience moderated by a facilitator
  • have a 'conversation-style' experience that is similar to an 'in-person' session

The following guidelines are offered to help you make the most of your online experience.

Webinar guidelines

This two-page sheet offers tech tips and other practical advice on using the Adobe Connect interactive platform to participate in an online session.

Before the session

Preparing to learn

  • Choose carefully. You will learn more from sessions that match your experience with the TC² critical thinking model. Make sure you meet the prerequisites for intermediate and advanced sessions.
  • Register individually. Each participant requires an individual computer. The sessions are meant to be interactive, and several people at a microphone limit the usefulness of the session for everyone.
  • Set the stage. Consider establishing “norms and practices for engaging in a webinar” with your school colleagues, especially if your whole staff will be attending common sessions.
  • Watch your email. Log-in instructions will be emailed at least one day prior to each session. You will be contacted directly if there are any changes.

Tech tips

  • Be equipped. Ensure you have a headset or earbuds and a microphone (either as part of your headset or on your computer). Ensure your computer meets system requirements, is configured, and audio and video are working ahead of time by using the guidelines for first time users.
  • Get ready. Come 15 minutes early to the session to ensure your link and equipment are working.
  • Know the tools. Become familiar with at least five of the functions of the Adobe Connect platform: using the mike, raising your hand, providing feedback using emoticons, using the chat box and responding to a poll.
  • Get help. If, after following the above steps, you still have trouble signing on, contact our administrator.

During the session

Follow these basic tips:

  • Use the microphone one at a time.
  • Use the microphone button on your screen to turn your mike on/off when you speak to the group.
  • If you find the text box distracting, focus your attention on the slideshow or whiteboard.
  • Avoid personal conversations in the chat box.
  • Click on the hand icon when finished speaking to “lower your hand”.

Get help.

  • If you have trouble during the session, type your problem in the chat box to ask for help.

After the session

  • Make us better. Help us to meet your needs by providing feedback to the session instructor.
  • Continue your learning. Check the website regularly to see if there are other sessions or resources that would address your questions or interests.
  • Seek answers. Contact the facilitator or contact our administrator if you have further questions or comments.