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Several pages on our website offer ideas for those who wish to help other educators make thinking a key component of their teaching.

New to TC2

In working with teachers who are unfamiliar with the TC² model and resources, consider the ideas proposed on New to the TC² approach which contains useful lesson plans, articles and videos that are free to everyone.

Making use of your membership

The suggestions on Making use of your membership are helpful in informing educators of the wealth of resources available to them through their partnership or membership with TC².

Ongoing support

Depending on your role and the group you are working with, the following pages may be useful when supporting selected groups within the educational community:

  • Teachers: ideas for getting started, following up after a workshop and becoming more involved
  • Instructional leaders: ideas to mobilize support and awareness within your institution, sustain professional learning, learn more and secure additional support
  • University instructors: suggestions for embedding thinking into teacher education courses and getting more involved
  • Parents: strategies for parents to try at home and resources about supporting thinking