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Welcome to The Critical Thinking Consortium

TC² is a non-profit organization of Partner groups and Individual Members.

Each year we support many thousands of educators through a range of face-to-face, online and print resources and services developed around a classroom-proven approach to embedding critical thinking. Our aim is to help students learn to think and think to learn.

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New at TC²

The best school rules! The September 17 issue of The Thinking Teacher provides lessons for younger and older students to encourage them to think more deeply about school rules and cheating.


Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful summer. To help get the new school year off to a good start, the September 3 issue of The Thinking Teacher introduces you to the hundreds of practical lessons to which you have free access if you are an Individual Member or employee of an organization that is a TC² Partner.


Are you interested in helping your staff and colleagues embed critical thinking? Register as a Friend of Critical Thinking and receive regular free resources to help you help others.


We’d like to express a very warm welcome to Warren Woytuck, our new Director of Partner Relations and Communications. Warren comes to us with a diverse and rich background as a teacher, principal, curriculum developer, author, instructional coach and mountain adventurer.


We are delighted to announce the launch of Inquiry-pacs, a new online collection of all-inclusive courses and units in social studies, history, geography and civics. Visit this page to learn more about Inquiry-pacs and view sample lessons. Alberta Inquiry-pacs is an updated version of Course-pacs; current subscribers please check your email for more information about this switch. Ontario Inquiry-pacs are currently under development. Samples lessons are available. Please contact our administrator with any questions you may have.

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Why should I create my own TC² account?

Do you have questions like these?

  • We're trying to implement inquiry based math but it's tough. Any ideas?
  • The new social studies curriculum is based on critical inquiry. What do you have that can help?
  • Our district is focused on 21st century learning. Do you have any resources that could provide some practical ideas about how to do this?
  • I'm not sure how to assess student thinking effectively? Can you help?

Take less than a minute to sign up for your own free account and if you’re a Partner employee or an Individual Member you will gain access to diverse teaching and professional learning resources to help you answer questions like the above. If you’re not yet a member or Partner you still will have access to several resources and will receive an additional free resource each month.

What is the difference between partnership and membership?

Partners are organizations like schools and school districts who have joined TC². Educational leaders within these groups often work with TC² staff to provide professional learning programs for their teachers. Employees of these groups enjoy benefits such as free access to our three main online resource collections, discounts on all TC² resources and access to the library of professional resources.

Is my school or district a Partner?

Check out our list of current Partners.

If your district, school or faculty is not a TC² partner, you can obtain the benefits of partnership by becoming an Individual Member.

Please contact our administrator if you have any questions.

What resources are available for free?

  • Partners and Individual Members have free access to our three main online resource collections: Tools for Thought, Critical Challenges and Source Docs.
  • Everyone may download free samples from each collection.
  • Each print publication also has a free lesson sample.
  • Many free resources are also available in the following collections: