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Welcome to The Critical Thinking Consortium

TC² is a non-profit organization of Partner groups and Individual Members.

Each year we support many thousands of educators through a range of face-to-face, online and print resources and services developed around a classroom-proven approach to embedding critical thinking. Our aim is to help students learn to think and think to learn.

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New at TC²

If you’re looking for answers, we’ve got the questions! The complete Inquiry-pac, Community Stories and Canadian Identity, is now available. This online package provides everything you need to implement unit 6A of the new Ontario social studies curriculum through exciting, ongoing inquiry. Licenses for this unit are now available for purchase, as well as the grade 4 Early Societies and the grade 5 Good Government and Responsible Citizenship units.


Earth Day (April 22) is a positive day of environmental action. The Critical Challenge Investigating sustainability helps your students understand sustainability and how they can make decisions and act on behalf of the one planet we actually have. Check out the April 15 issue of The Thinking Teacher to download the lesson.


Hymns to dumplings, sonnets to community gardens... Celebrate National Poetry Month this April by savoring the theme of Food and Poetry. The April 1 issue of The Thinking Teacher serves up two lessons that invite your students to explore the world of poetry in a critically thoughtful way.


Our workshop fees are changing. Please note that our new fees will apply to workshops occurring on or after July 1, 2015. Check out our fees page for more details.


We’d like to express a very warm welcome to Liz Coulson, our new regional coordinator for Eastern Canada. Liz comes to us with a diverse and rich background with expertise in instructional technology, literacy, teacher induction and professional development. Welcome, Liz!


Downloading Inquiry-pacs – If you’ve already purchased an Ontario Inquiry-pacs license or entered an access code and you're not sure what to do next, watch this 2-minute video to learn how to download the lesson materials.


Learn more about Inquiry-pacs, view sample lessons and find out about licenses. Alberta educators will be interested in the updated Social Studies 10 and 20 Inquiry-pacs.


Are you interested in helping your staff, colleagues or teacher candidates embed critical thinking? If you are a university instructor, educational leader or keen teacher, register as a Friend of Critical Thinking and receive regular free resources to help you help others.

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  • We're trying to implement inquiry based math but it's tough. Any ideas?
  • The new social studies curriculum is based on critical inquiry. What do you have that can help?
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  • I'm not sure how to assess student thinking effectively? Can you help?

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What is the difference between partnership and membership?

Partners are organizations like schools and school districts who have joined TC². Educational leaders within these groups often work with TC² staff to provide professional learning programs for their teachers. Employees of these groups enjoy benefits such as free access to our three main online resource collections, discounts on all TC² resources and access to the library of professional resources.

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What resources are available for free?

  • Partners and Individual Members have free access to our three main online resource collections: Tools for Thought, Critical Challenges and Source Docs.
  • Everyone may download free samples from each collection.
  • Each print publication also has a free lesson sample.
  • Many free resources are also available in the following collections: